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AFC 86 “Tankmode vs Naptime” Fight of the decade!

AFC hosted itsĀ  93rd event last Wednesday night! How is that you say? We were only on AFC 86. Well we have had 5 events in Wasilla, a 2 day tournament and also an AFC at the Egan center. AFC is fast approaching its 100th event! That is grounds for a celebration!

Back to AFC 86 :) Nic Herron- Webb vs. Champ Andy “Tankmode” Enz. This fight had the making of an epic fight! When asked who I had given the edge to my answer was always, “I don’t know.” Usually for every fight I have my predictions and I honestly did not have one in this fight. Maybe that is why I was so excited to see it go down. Personally I am a huge Tankmode and Nap Time fan. There really is not favorites here. Both are young athletes with a ton of promise and I feel both some day will make Alaska extremely proud as they move up to larger MMA promotions.

The fight was all it was predicted to be. Nic surprised me with his stand up game and Andy surprised me with his take down defense. Both fighters knew what they needed to work on and both did just that!

After the fight was over. I was happy with the decision. I could see how the fight could have been scored for either fighter. All the judges scored the fight the same up till round 5. Round 1 and 2 went to Nic, round 3 and 4 went to Andy, round 5 was the deal breaker. One judge gave it to Nic and 2 judges gave it to Andy! The Champ retained his belt! I feel in the world of MMA. The Champ needs to be beaten. Nic would have been smart to try to finish the fight knowing just that. The fight was so close and could have even been scored a draw in my eyes. I am sure glad I was not a judge that night! I just want to say when it come to fight in the AFC. This by far has been my favorite fight! It involved everything a fan could have asked for. If you did not make it to AFC 86 you really missed out. Keep an eye out on facebook, we will have the DVD’s for sale within a week or so.

Herron-Webb vs. Enz! Exciting fight till the last punch! Fight of the DECADE! AFC 86 Nov. 2011

To top of a great night of fights Gray ” The Bully” Maynard was there. I met this guy back in 2007 in Vegas and fell in love with him back then.

Gray and I in 2007 where I first me him at the Voodoo lounge in Las Vegas

He is one of the most humble fighters I have ever came across and just knew we had to have him up in Alaska to meet the fans. In true fashion Gray walked into the Sullivan Arena and gave me a big old hug! He had no idea who I was just that I was a fan. He said he thanked me for my support and being a fan. I introduced myself and he was a bit shocked to see a woman running the promotion. I told him about meeting him in 2007 and I was prepared with a photo of him and I when we first met. I signed it, “From your biggest fan. Love Sarah” I asked him if he ever got a signed photo from a fan before. He said no and said he loved it! He was going to hang it on his wall!

Myself and Gray "The Bully" Maynard at AFC 86 Nov. 2011

Thanks to the Air Force Reserves for bringing him out! Gray is a cool dude! I look forward to keeping in touch with him and watching him climb back up the ladder and take that 155 belt that is his! Gray is a true class act and will have a fan for life out of me!


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    Great blog! Your doing a great job Sarah! Thank you from all of the fans! =D

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