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Got Hitched and had 2 events!

So a lot has happened since my last post. I am now officially Sarah Lorimer. Yea we did it, we got hitched! After the December AFC we ran off to Oahu with our close friends and family and said I do on the ocean in the wedding ceremony of our dreams! Our little family is now complete and could not be happier.

Ryan and I were able to honeymoon for two weeks on the big island! So many adventures on this trip I could write a book. One of the highlights of the honeymoon was going to Hilo and seeing BJ Penns gym.

BJ's gym in Hilo Hawaii

Penn is one of my all time favorite fighters and it was pretty sweet to see where all the magic happens. They gave me a tour of the facility complete with a outdoor training area! (Something us Alaskans would know nothing about ) The fight community is alive in Hawaii with an events going on all the time. We were not able to catch an event when we were there. A tough man competition was going on the day we were leaving and Just Scrap (BJ Penns event) Was the following week. I asked the locals why nothing was going on around New Years and Christmas, the said that none of the Hawaiians want to cut weight! Ha must be the same reason its hard to find fighters to fight in December and Jan here in AK.

As soon as I got back from the honeymoon, AFC 88 was knocking on my door! Had that event! Braved the cold -25 deg weather and went on to have Mat Su Showdown 6 in Wasilla! The fans were great! Its been so cold I really miss the Hawaii weather! Thanks for staying tune! More post to come soon!!

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