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June almost over already?

Where has the first month of Summer gone? Since our season has ended I was able to take our yearly trip to Vegas this past Memorial Day to celebrate turning 30. It was not as bad as expected turning 30. As far as I am concerned 30 is the new 20 and I feel younger with more energetic than I ever have felt! It was great meeting friends in Vegas for UFC 146. My Sister and the cage side doc headed down with us. My Best friend Hannah and her Fiance Bryan met us there from Washington and also my husbands best friend, his girlfriend and son drove from Arizona and met us there . We were super fortunate to be able to stay at the Bellagio hotel which consisted of swimming in the pool and drinking copious amounts of cake vodka every afternoon. At night we had the chance to go a VIP UFC Bud Light party where Chael Sonnen, Johnny Hendrick and Dominick Cruz were all guests. We also went to UFC 146 where the main event was JDS vs. Frank Mir. I love fights, thus I love Vegas. It really is the fight capital of the world. You just never know who you might run into. While at the UFC event we ran into the cast from TUF 15. I just loved Rio on the show and was pretty stoked to meet him!

Ran into some of the cast from The Ultimate Fighter 15

I also had the privledge to take my first Copper River dip netting trip with one of my best friends Jeneva. This was a real treat considering our husbands let us leave the kids at home for a three day adventure to Chitna Alaska. Jeneva just had twin girls 4 months ago and has a 2 year old at home. When her husband told her to go we packed our stuff and didn’t look back! This was a true Alaska experience!  We drove to Chitna, which was over a 4 hour drive from Wasilla. Spent the night in the tent in the parking lot. Woke up at 4 am to wait in line to get on a boat. When you fish out of Chitna you have to take a boat down the river and they drop you off on the bank to dip net, but in our case we were dropped off on a cliff. We literally had to tie ourselves off with rope in case we fell. The river is not forgiving and is extremely fast and cold. We talked to the lady at the Chitna Gas station (which was a conex only open in the summer) she said that someone dies every year from being swept down! Jeneva and I made sure we would make it home to our families and tie off.

This is the cliff we fished off of for 2 days.

The fishing was great! We spent the night on the rock, slept for about 4 hours and got up and fished some more! All and all we caught two king salmon, one was 28lbs and one was 18lbs. We also got 13 red salmon. The fishing was slow but we had a great time!

I hope to see some of you out on the river enjoying what this great state has to offer! Before you know it summer will be gone and it will be back to bunny boots and parkas :)



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