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Fight Season is here!

We are about to kick off the first fight of the year. Sept. 12th to be exact! I am so excited! Taking the summers off is great but I really start to miss my fight family. I just spent the last couple weeks working at our booth at the Alaska State Fair and it was really great catching up with people that I have not seen in a long time! The booth had some changes, new photos and some new gear! Lots stopped in to take advantage of the buy a shirt get a free ticket deal we had going at the fair! I have one guy who is 76 years old, his name is George. George come to see me every morning right when the fair opens up. He loves MMA and sometimes knows more about it than I do. He is the high light to my fair and reminds me a lot of my Grandpa who passed away when I was a kid. I love this state I live in and the stories people have to tell!

My buddy George at the Alaska State Fair 2012

Now that the fair is over and no more daily pork chop on a sticks, its time to get down to business.

I have put together a great fight card for this Wednesday night. There are alot of green guys (and girls) on this card but I feel there are some great match ups. The main event has been a fight in the making for some time. These two stand up warriors will go toe to toe both looking to get a shot at the 155 belt. Joe Degroff and Cody Rice have to be two of the most explosive stand up guys in this division!

Also a bit of a change this year, AFC has partnered with La Mex and Chilkoot Charlie’s and are going to be doing some GREAT promotions. AFC weigh ins will be held at the La Mex off Dimond every Tuesday before fight night from 7-9 p.m. and the After Fight Party will be right after each AFC fight! All the fighters and cage girls come down and it is a really great time! We will be having our after party in the Ice Bar at Chilkoot’s and I am even going!! Married life has been great to me and I don’t get out much! I am excited to see you all out there and thank you for your support for myself and the AFC! I love you guys!

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