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Mat Su Showdown Ohhh how I love Wasilla!!

So I had the honor of holding our 4th Mat Su Showdown event at the Curtis D. Menard Wasilla Sports complex on April 2! What a blast! Wasilla is where I call home and the valley welcomed AFC with open arms! Special guest Ryan Bader was on hand to meet with the fans and sign Autographs! What a class act! When the Air Force Reserves wanted to bring him to Alaska I was a little bit hesitant. On my last trip to Vegas to watch the UFC I had a run in with Mr. Bader and his posse! Just watching the way the interacted with people left a sour taste in my mouth. My attorney and friend Paul Stockler told me that my impression was wrong and that I would just love Bader. He was right! Ryan Bader is a true lover of the sport! He watched every single fight! Appreciated the fighters and respected every last one of them. He took time with the fans and was not fake and never rushed the fans. Bader definitely has a new super fan up here in Alaska! That would be me!

Ryan Bader & Sarah Johnston Cage Side @ Mat Su Showdown 4

The fights were great! The crowd was amazing! Over 2000 MMA fans came out to support the Mat Su Showdown! I would say that is a pretty great showing considering we have less than 90,000 people in our town!

Main event, Rod Pucak vs Chase Jensen for the chance to fight Nic Herron-Webb for #1 Contender. I had not been more excited about a fight in a long time. Chase Jensen is an absolute games. He is so polite and a promoters DREAM! Rod Pucak is also a promoters dream some times taking fights on hours notice. This fight he should have been names Rod “Long Notice” Pucak he had over a month to get prepped for this fight! It was fire works as I expected with Pucak coming out with the win. Pucak will face Nic Herron-Webb May 18th for the Shot at Andy Enz for the 185 AFC Championship!

It always kills me after a fight how the fighter who just got his ass beat comes up to me and thanks me. The motherly instinct in me is to go get some ice and place it on their busted face. I guess its part of the job. But I will never get used to a fighter thanking me for an ass whoppin!

I would like to thank everyone involved in the event and a BIG thank you to the fighters, fans and also the media who covered this event! See links below!

See you soon! Next event April 13th LIVE at the Sullivan Arena. With everyone’s favorite bad boy…. Josh Koscheck


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