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AFC 82 Controversy Sells

Last nights fights were a blast minus the controversial ending to the championship match. I just want to start off saying all those who were immediately connected to this issue have remained very positive and upbeat and I can not thank you all enough for that! As for the uneducated loud mouths who won’t shut up…… Suck it watch the replay.

We are all human and everyone makes mistakes. Fighters, refs, judges and promoters. MMA is a sport that we all love. We are trying to make it safer, more regulated and entertaining all at the same time. Fighter safety is #1. With out the fighters there is no MMA. Its the refs job to make split second decisions. In this particular case it was 100% the right call no doubt! In the past I have seen some calls that were not correct. There is nothing you can do to change that decision. Just as if the judges score the fight wrong. There is human element involved and mistakes happen. My opinion was once the second round was over Eastlck would have been up on the score card 20-17. The first round was scored 10-9 for Eastlick. Right before the illegal knee Al Medina deducted 1 point from Cruz for back of the head strikes. There was not a warning given. What my fiance pointed out to me is that if you are not sitting cage side you can not hear what the ref is saying and I take that for granted. The fans do not know most of the rules also. 2 seconds later that would have been a legal knee but the fact is the ref called it, Cruz was KO’ed and it was a DQ. No one ever wants to see a fight end that way. Take a look at the clip it has both camer angles.
Cruz vs Eastlick controversial knee

I do not want to take away from last night because of this! All the fighters that came out last night were warriors!!! Not to mention the crowd was rocking and Josh Koscheck was WAY cooler than I expected!! Thank you to everyone involved! See you on May 13 for AFC 83 big new will be announced shortly!


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  1. The Hebrew Hope says:

    You handled this controversy nicely, well done. I think there was some confusion by the way Bob phrased the decision. I can’t wait for that rematch! If anything, this just heightened the drama and anticipation for Cruz-Eastlick 2

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