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My trip to Seattle = some great fights

I had the honor of attending an MMA event in Washington state called Cage Warrior Combat. It was held in Seattle, WA at a place called the Cirque event center. The venue is a night club like setting and could hold about 500 people. There were no signs on the out side of the building and no advertising anywhere to be seen in the whole town of Seattle. I did not know if I was even in the right place. I asked the guy standing at the door if this is where the fights are at he said yes and I walked in the door. It almost had an underground feel like maybe it was illegal to be there. I liked it. Dim lights chairs stacked right up to the cage. I knew it was going to be a good night.

I went up front to meet my friend who is from Seattle, she was meeting me there. I see UFC fighter Dennis Hallman walked up and tell someone that the main event (the whole reason I came) can not be a pro kick boxing match because this was am amateur event. They would have to modify the rules with no hand strikes to the head. I have never heard this before but did not care. Mike “300″ Hayes vs. kyle Keeny were the main event. Hayes was supposed to come up and fight Brian Ryan and had to back out due to personal reasons and Keeny came up and fought Ryan and suffered a knee to the head that resulted in a nasty KO. I was excited to see these guys go at it. The night started off with a kick boxing match and progressed into MMA matches. There was some talent but the lack of ground knowledge was killing me. I forgot how fun it is to go to fights where you can shout out your instructions. The promoters were kind enough to put us cage side. We were literally sitting on the cage with paps blue ribbon in a can on hand the night was just getting started. Intermission came and Ultimate Fighter contestant Len Bentley came in the cage and chatted about being on the current season. Pretty stand up dude. I like the fight scene in Washington. There are a ton of teams and a ton of hungry guys! I got introduced to a few guys at the fights Will Hammond runs the White Buffalo team has some good guys……also met a guy named Erwin who is an attorney but really involved with the fight scene. Also met a fighter who just recently fought AFC former lightweight champ Scott Thometz and beat him at the last Cage Warrior Combat. They seem to be putting on some good fights and I look forward to following their promotion. Great night of fights good times in Seattle. Excited to go back and check out another live event!

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