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Viva Las Vegas

So most of you know that I am getting married December of this year. I have been on a budget all year and am trying to save for the wedding. This means no yearly trip to Las Vegas for my birthday Memorial Day weekend. I was super bummed that I would not be able to make it down there as one of my favorite fighters is headlining the event. Its the third installment of Gray Maynard vs Frankie Edgar. After the draw the last time they fought I knew that the 3 time will be a charm for Gray! I expressed to my fiance that I would love to go but did not want to spend the money.

Weird little comments were coming from my family all week like ohh on your birthday lets go to the cabin. I thought to myself why are they talking about my 29th birthday almost a month in advance. On Easter I found out. My fiance contacted my parents, his parents, my Sis and her boyfriend and they all plotted and planned how to get me to Vegas for UFC 130. They all worked it out with Air miles, hotel comps etc. and we are all going to Vegas! I could not have been more excited!


First time I met Gray Maynard May 2007 @ UFC 73

I may be a fight promoter but I am one of the nerdiest fight fans around! UFC and Dana White are my idols and I can not wait to see another live event at the best promotion in the world! The fight card is off the hook!!!!! Two AFC veterans will be fighting on the card!
You might remember DJ “Mighty” Mouse Johnson sick head kick to Jesse Brock’s dome resulting in a vicious KO! Johnson will face his toughest opponent yet by taking on Migel Torres. Also fighting his toughest fight in my opinion Ricky Story will be taking on Thiago Alves. Story grinded out a victory over Julio Paulino!  Also on the card is Cody McKenzie. Though he is not an AFC veteran he is from Alaska and we will be cheering him on for the home state!!!! The card is one of the best cards I have seen in a long time. Rampage will be fighting Matt Hamill, Frank Mir fighting Roy “Big Country” Nelson. Kendal Grove vs Tim Boetsch its going to be SICK! Only 31 days and its on!!!
Any fight fan should put on their bucket list to attend a live UFC event in Vegas. When you are walking around the town its all fights all the time. I have been lucky enough to play slots with Chris Leben, watch Matt Hughes get his ass kicked in poker and see Tito Ortiz and his posse trot down the casino at 4 am like he was a king or something. Haha. Its a great time and I highly recommend it. I will be posting from Vegas and keeping everyone updated! Till next time!


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