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AFC 83 ready or not here I come!

AFC 83 “Best of the Best 7″ has been a blast to put together. The fight card is stacked and the UFC Heavyweight Champion of the world is going to be here in Alaska…. at the AFC. What a great night it will be.

As I sit here and get prepared for the weigh ins tonight, I had to stop and think how I am going to miss not having fights this Summer. Yes it will be a nice break but I am not sure what I am going to do with out the monthly pressure of the event. haha. I can not wait to work on AFC this summer and truly have time to really plan how to make every event like AFC 83 has turned out to be. I am very thankful to the fighters, fans, volunteers and AFC employees who make each event possible. I promise to come back in September stronger!

I am extremely excited to be bringing back up Tony “Kryptonite” Lopez! He will be fighting Ricky “Ice Cold” Shivers and I promise fire works for this fight. This will be one of Shivers biggest fights of his career. If he can get the W I expect big things in store for Shivers.

I also am very excited for the Rod Pucak vs Nic Herron- Webb fight. I think that a lot of people are not taking Rod serious enough and this will be a better fight than most are expecting. Rod has really improved his last 2-3 fights and I think he will be giving Nic a run for his money.

I never really pick my favorites and try to stay unbiased at each fight. This particular card I have picked a couple favorites to win. One being Ricky hah I guess that is a given! I want our home town boy to send Kryptonite packing and pay him back for the Brian Ryan loss. Lets see what happens.

Tony Lopez

Weigh ins are tonight! Come see us!

Hope to see you all out at the fights tomorrow night for the final show of the season! Thank you again for all of your support!

Till next time ~Sarah

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