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Enjoying the Summer and getting back to basics!

Let me just start off by saying NO I HAVE NOT QUIT ON THE AFC! We are taking summers off and will be releasing the new 2011-2012 schedule very soon! I miss my fight family, but it was time to take some time for me! :)

So I have been off since May 20th from all things fight related. In the mean time I have been able to go on a bear hunt up the Deshka with the Alaska Healing Hearts and the wounded woman soldiers, have went on multiple kayaking trips,  done some trout fishing and most importantly work on getting in shape. I have a wedding that is calling my name in December. I figured it was time to get serious! I have not been active in over 5 years. My life has been consumed by work and family. I have not really taken a whole lot of time for myself or my health. This has all changed.

I am going to use my blog this summer as an avenue for progress and baby steps along way. Starting with today’s mini victory of a 8.39 mile walk. I did this walk in a little under 2 hours. This is important because I plan on running a half marathon in August. I have never been one to enjoy any sort of physical activity. Things have changed. In just over 3 weeks I have dropped 5.8lbs and last night I realized I can effectively walk up and down the stairs with out running out of breath. Might not seem like a big deal, but it is to me. Its what we like to call non scale victories.

What I did not understand was how ridiculously out of shape I actually was and the amount of food I consume just on the basis of being stressed out. I have been encouraged and pushed by my close friends and family as of late and I also realized that its nothing to be embarrassed about. My friend who I met through the Sullivan Arena has lost over 80lbs and has been an inspiration to me. She has been checking up on me with weekly emails and is extremely encouraging.  I look forward to all the adventures life throws my way an encourage all of you to get out there. Get active. It really is a life changing thing. I am a better fiance, mother, daughter, sister and friend because of it all and I think you can be too!

Kayaking a local lake! Love the Alaskan Summers!


Below is a example of what I did this last week

Sunday- Kayaked Kepler lake over 2 hours fun with family and friends

Monday- 10 mile bike ride with friend made it up 2 hills I was unable to make last week! Huge victory!

Tuesday- 6.65 mile walk 1:42 min at a 15’22′ average pace

Wednesday- Gardened and took a break

Thursday- (today) 8.39 mile walk 1:59 min at a 14’54″ average pace

This weekend we will be camping and I plan on putting my new found endurance to the test by chopping and hauling wood! Good luck this weekend and have a safe 4th of July!

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  1. Curtis Hembroff says:

    What’s up Sarah!?!? It looks the The Life of a Female Fight Promoter is awesome!! Congrats on your new undertakings. I know you will kick some ass in the half marathon!! I am getting excited for the fall AFC season.

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