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My trip to Seattle = some great fights

I had the honor of attending an MMA event in Washington state called Cage Warrior Combat. It was held in Seattle, WA at a place called the Cirque event center. The venue is a night club like setting and could hold about 500 people. There were no signs on the out side of the building and no advertising anywhere to be seen in the whole town of Seattle. I did not know if I was even in the right place. I asked the guy standing at the door if this is where the fights are at he said yes and I walked in the door. It almost had an underground feel like maybe it was illegal to be there. I liked it. Dim lights chairs stacked right up to the cage. I knew it was going to be a good night.

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AFC 82 Controversy Sells

Last nights fights were a blast minus the controversial ending to the championship match. I just want to start off saying all those who were immediately connected to this issue have remained very positive and upbeat and I can not thank you all enough for that! As for the uneducated loud mouths who won’t shut up…… Suck it watch the replay.
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Giving back is the best feeling in the world

So I have used AFC in the past to give back to the community in a number of different charities. When my Grandma passed away I immediately turned to the AFC fans to help raise money for breast cancer research. The fans and fighters were so supportive and we donated over $1000.00 in my Grandma’s name. When Tommy Mathews and I presented the check to my father there was not a dry eye in the place. Tommy Mathews donated his fight purse to the cause and I just could not thank him enough. The little things make a HUGE difference in peoples lives and I would love AFC be a part of that!

So that was a subject that was close to home for me. I want the AFC to opens its doors to the fans and let us know who or what your cause is. I will leave this open for the month of April and will be accepting letters explaining why AFC should get behind your cause. The fighters, fans and employees of AFC look forward to reaching out and helping our community one baby step at a time. Please email


Mat Su Showdown Ohhh how I love Wasilla!!

So I had the honor of holding our 4th Mat Su Showdown event at the Curtis D. Menard Wasilla Sports complex on April 2! What a blast! Wasilla is where I call home and the valley welcomed AFC with open arms! Special guest Ryan Bader was on hand to meet with the fans and sign Autographs! What a class act! When the Air Force Reserves wanted to bring him to Alaska I was a little bit hesitant. On my last trip to Vegas to watch the UFC I had a run in with Mr. Bader and his posse! Read the rest of this entry »


AFC 81 “Title Chase” Event recap

What  a night of fights. It has taken me a bit to get caught up and final post a thread! I can not explain how GREAT the fights were! Evenly matched, tons of submissions and no serious injuries! I have included a link to the recap from ABC and thank you to Josh for making it happen.


Also check out Sam Dunhams blog on ADN. There is always some great dirt and he always does a prediction and a recap!

Thank you to “Nap Time” Nic Herron-Webb and Tommy “The Pot Belly Assasin” Ide for for going into the station to interview!

UFC Champion Dominick “The Dominator” Cruz was on hand at AFC 81 thanks to the Air Force Reserves to sign autographs and take pictures with the fans. We have had a bunch of cool UFC fighters up here to Alaska but Dominick was a class act! He is a great Champion for the sport of MMA and it showed with the fans! Dominick sat cage side for most of the fights and loved seeing the local boys scrap. He said he really enjoyed himself and loved what he got to see of Alaska!



Next fights up this Sat. in Wasilla at the Mat Su Showdown 4!! See you at the fights!!!!!!




AFC asked who would you like to meet. Ryan Bader, Josh Koscheck or Cain Velasquez…..Votes are in and …. WE ARE BRINGING ALL 3!!!!!!!!!

Mat Su Showdown 4 @ Curtis D. Menard Wasilla Sports Complex, Saturday April 2nd TUF winner and UFC Bad ass,  Ryan Bader will be there!

AFC 82 Sullivan Arena April 13th Loud mouth and UFC bad boy Josh Koscheck will be there!

AFC 83 @ Sullivan Arena “Best of the Best 7″ The UFC Heavyweight Champion of the world Cain Velasquez will be there! Read the rest of this entry »


The rumors are TRUE!

It has been brought to my attention that I am getting married,  I am selling the AFC and we are all moving to Rhode Island. Well its true……….. I am getting married! That is about all the truth to that statement. I am marrying the love of my life in December.  NO the AFC is not in jeopardy….NO the AFC is not for sale………Yes the AFC is stronger than it has ever been in its 7 years in business and YES there are some huge things on the horizon for AFC!  I wish the people out there that are so concerned with seeing me fail would shut their mouths! I am here to make a living and to better the sport of MMA! I am here to help launch the fighters to the next level in any way that we can. I am not AFC….. I am just a little piece of pie that keeps the wheel oiled. The fighters are the AFC, the fans are the AFC… the employees and volunteers are the AFC, and the Sponsors and Advertisers are the AFC. If you are sitting around to watch us fail……….. you are wasting your time. It wont happen! I wont accept failure.


So the show must go on they tell me!

I have been constantly asked to continue my blog and after a long hiatus I am back for good. There is a ton of interesting events that go on being a female fight promoter and I figure is I can give some one a good laugh ever once in awhile it will all be worth it. I plan not to hold back and continue to tell it like it is! I know you guys would not have me any other way.

Over the next few days I will be catching up on some interesting stories that have went down in the last few month, Sean Sherks trek to Alaska, The inside scoop on retirements and coming out of retirement, the top 10 list of excuses to bail out of a fight and more. Give me feed back. Let me know what you want to hear. This is a mild form on entertainment and should be used for that purpose!

I also plan on giving my little  buddy Sam Dunham a little run for his money! All in good fun Sam all in good fun!

So hold on, enjoy the ride to this little whirl wind we call The Life of a Female Fight Promoter!



My New Blog!

Welcome to my new blog… A long time and coming but its finally here.  Check back in or subscribe to my RSS feed to keep up to date.  Dont forget about AFC 80: Veterans on Feb 16th @ the Sullivan Arena, 7:30pm!



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